A Day in Rotterdam


I needed to postpone my military duty due to working abroad in the Netherlands, so I went to the Turkish Consulate for Turkish citizens living in Eindhoven, in Rotterdam. It is not really documented anywhere that I found, but turns out the Consulate comes to Eindhoven in the weekends once in a while. Since I did not know about that, I took a day off from work and went to Rotterdam by train.

Centraal Station

When I stepped into Rotterdam, (more accurately, when I stepped outside the train station), I was greeted with the amazing architecture of the “Centraal Station”, which acted as a trailer of the different architectural styles that I would be seeing.

Rotterdam Centraal Station

The Rotterdam Central Station

The letters of “Centraal Station” is the original letters from the original building in 1957.


I find Markthal to be the best attraction of Rotterdam, provided how I enjoy eating good food very, very much. There are all kinds of food from all cultures, and the one shop that I found which has really good Turkish food is The Mantı.

Inside Markthal

Inside Markthal

Due to the huge artwork on the ceiling by MVRDV, it is called the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam, but I find that a bit overexaggerated.

Cube Houses

Near Markthal, there are unique looking houses which look like cubes.

Cube Houses

Cube Houses

These houses were built by Piet Blom, who wanted to design tree-like houses inside a city. There is one house that is also a museum, so I went inside to see how the houses feel from inside. I only paid €3 for entrance, but I believe it was well worth the price.

Inside the Cube House Museum

Inside view of a cube house

The inside is quite spacious with 100m2 of living space, and the view of the other houses is also nice.

View from inside a Cube House

View from a cube house

I was wondering if you can actually buy one of these houses, and that’s when I saw one that is recently sold!

A sold Cube House

A recently sold Cube House


I also really wanted to go on a ride on a Watertaxi, so I booked one and went to the Euromast. It only costed me €4,50, and it was definitely worth the experience!

A watertaxi

A watertaxi